From your feet to heart Mel and Jess will show you just where to start when it comes to body brushing. Imagine how good you’re gonna feel with a little bit of self love and a whole lotta massage to minimise cellulite, promote circulation and stimulate the lymph nodes to clear and eliminate debris.

Mel brushes up on her skin health

Mel brushes up on her skin health

The great Elson M. Haas M.D.founder and director of the Preventive Medical Center of Marin reckons that dry brushing the skin with an appropriate skin brush before bathing is usually suggested, especially during detox programs, to cleanse the skin of old cells and invigorate it. Massage therapy, especially lymphatic and even deeper massage, is very useful in supporting our detox program. It stimulates elimination and body functions and promotes relaxation. Clearing tensions, worries, and other mental messes also makes for a more complete detoxification.

At Cabarita Ocean Health Retreat we offer an array of luxurious spa treatments including the sensational range of Sodashi skin smoothing remedies.


Boost your energy levels and re-energise your whole system. To begin this cleansing treatment, the circulation is stimulated with invigorating body brushing. Sodashi’s 100% natural purifying and detoxifying mask is then applied to the whole body. With intensive drawing properties this mask stimulates the circulatory system, relieving the body of any sluggishness and congestion, and helps to remove unwanted toxins. The purification process is enhanced by an application of an enlivening Sodashi body moisturiser. You can book in for this amazing treatment when you book your stay with us


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