What an incredible year it’s been! I found myself in transition more often than not this year and now that the end is nigh I can sit back and reflect on the good the bad and the not so ugly.

What I have learned the most is how our own ‘story’ in our head dictates and contributes directly to the outcome of our actions. Changing our belief system and thought programming can be tough but without the breakdown of the old patterns, new breakthroughs simply cannot occur.

So hit the ground running by setting your intention now.

Here’s some mindset motivators to get you on your way.

  1. Begin with the end in mind. Visualise the end result of what you desire and then put it down on paper
  2. Change is uncomfortable. Identify the Problem, Create a Solution, Ride the short term Pain and the Pleasure will Unfold
  3. Upgrade your Circle of Influence. Take a good look at who surrounds you. I call it the Budgie Mirror view!
  4. Write yourself a business plan – even if you are not in business, take the time to write down where you see yourself this time next year
  5. Eat more fat. Nuts, seeds, avocados, deep sea fish – all help to reduce inflammation and build brain cells
  6. Eat less acid. Reduce your grain intake and eat more carrots, pumpkin, sweet potato and alkalising seeds such as quinoa
  7. Acknowledge the patterns that create resistance in your life – are you caught up in your own story?
  8. Reduce your debt – get yourself a debt recovery program and reduce the interest you are paying
  9. Acknowledge your fears and frustrations – what is truly going on when you sit for a moment and take stock? Are your fears unfounded?
  10. Be nicer to yourself – write down ten fabulous things you are or did

My Vision

To radiate global awareness as a Motivational Mentor who empowers others by cultivating an effective motivational mindset to create the power of positive energy as a nurturing and vital healing force to reunite family, restore community and renew planetary health.

The Kneeling Feeling

Sometime ago I fractured my patella in a nasty fall at work. Having spent a year in physio rehab in 1986 with a fractured femur, fibula and radius from a horrific motor bike accident, I was very distraught to have broken another bone in my right leg. I knew that with enough rest, ice elevation and most importantly a powerful positive mindset I would soon be up and walking slowly.

The consulting quack at the local hospital announced that my recovery would be up to 12 weeks of leg up, ice, rest and full leg brace. Tears, frustration and despair unfolded.

My friendly South Melbourne Osteopath and colleague Dr. George Michael offered a phone diagnosis of a 3-4 week recovery and a patella stabilizer bandage, lots of boron, fish oil and massage to stimulate proprioception especially of the quadriceps so as to reduce atrophy or muscle wasting.

Then a local Osteopath rang to say to take the patella stabilizer off, get moving, weight-bear and start bending the knee a little and I should be right in a week or two but with no intense training.

This morning I am drug free, pain free and cane free. My knee is a bit sore from the tightness of swelling and minimal movement which is better for arnica and ice, but that’s it (for today anyway)!

The healing kneeling feeling and power of positive thinking strikes again!